A moustache walks into a bar…

A moustache walks into a bar…

There have been many laughs shared over a pint in the Wudinna pub but one of our favourites involves the late and much-loved Ramsey Bros legend, Les Udy.  

A fantastic Salesman and part of the Ramsey Bros family for three decades, Les was a friend to most of the West Coast. He took things at face value and so, was a pretty easy target for practical jokes and affectionate tricks which he always took with great humility.

Director, Brent Ramsey fondly remembers one instance that’s stuck with him over the years.

“It was 1985 and we’d just had the official opening of the Wudinna dealership. Les was up from Cleve for it and at the end of the formalities, we adjourned to the pub for a drink. As always, the front bar was wall to wall with locals and the staff behind the bar were run off their feet.

“When we pulled up a pew, there was a new face pulling beers behind the bar that caught our eye – a big, burly bloke with a cracking handlebar moustache. Les questioned who this newcomer was and none of us had any idea – he was probably just a temp worker – but we grabbed the chance to lead poor Les up the garden path. We convinced him that it was, in fact, the one and only Aussie cricket legend, Merv Hughes,” Brent laughs.

“Les didn’t believe it at first, calling BS but we went on, saying that he’d pulled the pin on cricket, and looking for a quieter pace of life had bought the popular country pub.

“Well, sure enough, Les went up to buy the next round of beers and struck up a conversation with the unsuspecting bloke, saying, ‘Merv! What are you doing here pouring beer in little old Wudinna?’ Of course, the bartender looked confused… he had no idea what Les was talking about but the rest of us rolling around with laughter clued Les into the fact that we’d been pulling his leg!

“Les took it like a champ and despite a few choice words thrown back at us, he saw the funny side of it all.” Just one of many fond memories of Les, his name regularly comes up amongst the Ramsey Bros community and more often than not, there’s a good laugh attached to the story.   


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