Rambo auto know better

Rambo auto know better

Just like when someone slips on a banana peel in a cartoon, you wouldn’t expect it’s actually possible to run over yourself in your own car. But Ramsey Bros Director Brent “Rambo” Ramsey has been there, done that… and lived to tell the tale.

“It was an ordinary day back in the early nineties when I was on the highway heading out of Wudinna on my way to work and the Pajero started making a funny noise.  As you do, I pulled over to have a look and jumped out to find the plastic mud guard had come loose and was wedged up under the wheel arch.”

It was an easy enough fix, so Brent plonked himself on the ground, one leg either side of the wheel and started wrangling the guard back into place. With both arms, legs and his full concentration focussed on the problem at hand, what happened next came as a huge shock.

“Of course, the motor was running but I thought I’d put it in park when the bloody air con kicked in, the car revved and leapt forward, running straight over my leg! I don’t know how I moved in time for the back wheel to miss the other leg, but in a matter of seconds the 4WD had rolled into the edge of the scrub and came to a stop.”

Head spinning with the rapid turn of events, Brent was amazed that he was able to stand up, and even years down the track, he remembers the immense shock.

“I couldn’t believe I was ok and just kept thinking ‘my God, I’ve got away with this… I’m ok!’” he says.

“I climbed back into the car a bit shaken and headed into work. Well, within an hour it was different story. My leg had blown up like a balloon, the pain had kicked in and I knew it was time to go to the hospital.”

Brent was cleared from having broken anything but doctors confirmed he’d badly torn all the ligaments in his leg which took months to recover. But what’s well outlasted that is the yarn — needless to say, it’s been a popular point of discussion amongst mates at the front bar of the Wudinna pub over the years.

For some, a mishap like this would leave them shaky around 4WDs, but not Rambo.  

“I guess I’m a little more cautious about making sure the car’s in park if I ever have to hop out, but apart from that, it’s business as usual. I can’t say I was that sad though to see the back of that particular car when I moved onto the next model,” he jokes.


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