The Highway Man

The Highway Man

It’s no secret that the core of Ramsey Bros is people. Whether it’s our clients, business partners, the local community, our families or our staff — who are second-to-none!

This week it’s thirteen years since Mark Ward took the helm as our Managing Director. We’re proudly a family owned and operated business and Mark is third-generation of the Ramsey Bros line-up, joining the ranks in 2000.

In 2007, he returned from a successful stint with ANZ Bank, taking over from his dad and the godfather of the business, Eddy Ward. But it wouldn’t be a solid tribute, without a good yarn and Cleve Branch Manager Matt Crettenden was keen to offer one up.

“Mark’s hands-down one of the best bosses you could have. He’s easy going in nature, but meticulous and astute when it comes to business — it makes him great at what he does and a pleasure to work for. He’s the kind of guy who knows what he wants to do and how to go about it, so I’ll never forget the time his orderly fashion went haywire,” recounts Matt.

“Ramsey Bros was holding our own mini Field Day in Cleve, during the ‘off year’ of the biennial event. We were busy transporting equipment to the exhibit and Mark put his hand up to drive a Case IH Quadtrac out to the site. These tractors are not only the most powerful, they’re every large-scale farmer’s dream. So, Mark driving this big, impressive piece of equipment from the branch to the site, no doubt turned a few heads.

“All was going to plan until he noticed it was low on fuel. He decided to turn around, but mid-way across the Birdseye Highway, the Quad came to a stop — fuel tank dried up! He’d stopped right across the busy highway and not only was he not going anywhere, no one else was either,” recalls Matt.

“It was sheer bad luck but it didn’t take away from Mark’s frustration at being smack-bang in the centre of a traffic hold up that lasted a good couple of hours. With some assistance, he was eventually on his way again, freeing up the highway and reaching the Field Day site. But when he turned the ignition off, it marked his last time behind the wheel of our machinery and he hasn’t driven a tractor since.

“It’s a day I’m sure Mark won’t soon forget… probably doesn’t help that we remind him of it, either,” laughs Matt.

Congratulations Mark on another great year leading our team — you’re a good guy, a great chief and we’re proud of everything you’ve done (even your mechanical-dramas).


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