The race that stops… everything

The race that stops… everything

Woohoo, race day! Bringing people together over good food, drinks and a spirited horse race has been the pinnacle of socialising for eons, so the Kimba Cup in Port Lincoln was the perfect setting for Ramsey Bros to bring together clients from all over SA a few years back, as Ramsey Bros Director Brenton Ramsey tells us. If only it had gone to plan!

“The Kimba Cup has been a fantastic event which has grown and grown over the years, and always been a great spot for us to spend time with our clients on the Eyre Peninsula. A few years ago, we decided it would be the perfect opportunity to bring over clients and their partners from the Riverton, Saddleworth and Murray Bridge branches for a big Ramsey Bros get-together.

“We chartered a plane, had it all planned to bring the group over for a day at the races, before a big dinner and an overnight stay in the brand-new Port Lincoln hotel before returning on Sunday and everyone would be happy. It was a great plan.

“Saturday morning came and the group of around 40 people from all over SA met at the Adelaide airport, ready for our 10am departure to Port Lincoln. There were a few nervous flyers amongst us — made worse by some questionable weather — but we assured them that this fun-filled weekend would be worth the short flight to the west coast.

“It was a pretty bumpy flight and highly disappointing to arrive in Port Lincoln only to be told by the pilot we had to turn back to Adelaide because we were unable to land in the weather conditions.

“Just after 11am, we landed back in Adelaide, unloaded and all headed straight for the Coopers Bar while we waited to see if the weather would clear. Of course, we put money on the bar to smooth over the unexpected events and got stuck into drinking and socialising with the group for a couple of hours before we were told to jump back onto the plane.

“We all boarded and endured another pretty hairy trip, only to face the same dilemma and have the plane turn back to Adelaide for a second time! By this stage, the race meeting was halfway over and by now, and for one of our nervous flyers the thought of a third attempt was just too much… they thanked us and headed back home, but the majority of the group remained and returned to the Coopers Bar for round two.

“3pm comes around and we’re instructed to leave the bar and jump onboard for the third time. At this stage, we’re all seven parts squirted, but we pile into the plane again and miraculously, this time, we manage to touch down in Port Lincoln with some pretty raucous celebrations!

“We rocked up to the race track, only to find the event had been rained out — not a race had run. The marquee was packed with 100 people who’d had nothing else to do except some serious eating and a good session on the sauce so they were in very good spirits, to say the least. But even with the race component out the window, there was still plenty of socialising to be done before we headed back to the hotel for our dinner and night away. “None of it went to plan and the travel and race side of things were definitely a disaster. As far as integrating our east side customers with those from the west coast, they certainly got to do all that and it was a great day… whether anyone can remember it though, is another story,” Brenton laughs.


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