Train Crossing

Train Crossing

This week’s yarn is another from the Vault of Ramsey Bros Icon and former Cleve salesman Bob Rehn.

Bob was known for doing things Bobs way! So in 2004 when our current Cleve Branch Manager Matt Crettenden “Cretty” transferred from Wudinna back to his home town of Cleve his apprenticeship in sales (and Life) under the guidance of Bob began. Over the initial months the two spent their days traveling the district.

With Bob always at the wheel they were out talking to farmers, selling machines and the much younger Cretty took full advantage of his time with a true master of his trade.

“Bobby always drove” recalls Cretty. “I remember after a few weeks on the road I noticed whenever we approached a railway crossing Bob would give the horn a quick toot and keep cruising over the line, I let it go for a while before it got the better if me, so I asked him, Why do you always toot the horn before heading over a rail line Bob?

Bob replied with a smile  – “I haven’t hit a train yet have I”  

Cretty still laughs when telling the story “I’m not sure what tooting the horn was ever going to do to stop a train, but I guess the proof is in the pudding”

Bob worked for Ramsey bros for 30 years retiring in 2006. Due to the power of a Toot, as far as we know he didn’t hit one train!


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