X20 Loyalty Program

X20 Loyalty Program

X20 Loyalty Program


$2000 trade in for your X20…

Don’t let your X20 stop you this seeding.

Ramsey Bros and Topcon Precision Agriculture recognise the loyalty of customers who have purchased X20 consoles in the past.

As all computer industries age, the operation and capabilities of the operating platform gets’ left behind in technology.

With that in mind, we are pleased to offer the X20 Loyalty Program – a trade in deal to allow our customers to upgrade to the faster more powerful X35 console.

This offer is for a limited time!

Extra Support

If you are unable to take up this offer, or your system fails, Ramsey Bros have a small number of exchange units available for $25 per day to help get you through Seeding.

Ready to find our more?

Contact the Integrated Technologies team on 0428 430 147 or technology@ramseybros.com.au

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