Meet our team

Meet our team

Our Integrated Technologies team is focused on helping farmers find the right Precision Agriculture solution.

Meet our Team

Mitch Hein, Daven Tomney, Mick Hadley, Brad Jericho, Clint Powell and Liam O’Dea.

Outstanding advice and support

The Ramsey Bros Precision Agriculture (Ag) team named ‘Integrated Technologies’ is recognised for over 70 years’ experience in the industry although its understanding and applying that technology that really sets them apart.

Integrated Technologies manager Mick Hadley has been with Ramsey Bros for over a decade, starting in machinery sales before moving on to Precision Ag. Mick’s team of consultants are focused on continuous learning and keeping ahead of not only Precision Ag hardware but also Data Management and software systems.

But product knowledge and technical skill are worth nothing without a clear understanding of local farming challenges and seasonal conditions.

Ramsey Bros Integrated Technologies team have a keen interest in South Australian farming with most having a family background either on the land or living in rural communities.

Most importantly the Ramsey Bros Integrated Technologies team takes the time to listen.

They understand the need for return on investment and making sure the data gathered and hardware utilised in the field add real value and productivity.

‘There’s so much choice in Precision Ag. Having great products, technical knowledge and being available to consult with farmers on what solution is right for them and their farm is really important to us’.

“Australia is a hard place to grow a crop, even in a good year.  For an Australian farmer, precision agriculture means more time, more efficiency, less inputs and far better decision making. Let our team help you.”

Michael Hadley, Manager, Integrated Technologies, Ramsey Bros

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