RTK Network

RTK Network

“The Ramsey Bros RTK Network is the largest privately owned and operated RTK Network in South Australia.

Ramsey Bros leads the market in RTK technology solutions, for over 15 years the ‘Ramsey Bros RTK Network’ has been supplying hundreds of customers’ machines with reliable and accurate RTK signal.

Our utilisation of both Trimble and Topcon Radio and modem Technology enables customers to achieve superior RTK coverage distance and signal strength in our 450 and 900MHz networks.

No matter your precision farming requirements, Ramsey Bros has you covered.”

Base Station Locations

Network Benefits


Capable of transmitting RTK signal up to 15km, providing extensive coverage with increased performance in interfering terrain and undulated country.


Affordable RTK solutions that enables you to maximise the potential of your precision ag operations. Subscriptions are priced only a fraction more than that of entry level 15cm accuracy.

Research & Development

Proactively committed to the expansion and development of the Ramsey Bros RTK Network to meet future technological advancements and customer requirements.

Support & Service

Ramsey Bros owned and operated with a dedicated team that constantly monitor base station activity to ensure you receive high priority support.

Glonass Unlocked

Utilise your GLONASS enables system to its full potential. Receive increased RTK performance with access to GLONASS constellations through the Ramsey Bros RTK Network.

All our Base Stations are GLONASS capable


Range Point RTX

Entry Level Access
1 unit only
$ 450 Annually
  • Pass to pass accuracy - 15cm
  • Repeatable accuracy - 50cm

Topcon Global D

Mid Level Access
1 unit only
$ 1,065 Annually
  • TopNET Global provides 4-10cm accuracy
  • Available on Topcon-equipped platforms anywhere in the world
  • Monthly options available

Centre Point RTX

Top Level Access
1 unit only
$ 1,875 Annually
  • Pass to pass accuracy - 2.5cm
  • Repeatable accuracy - 2.5cm
  • Glonass enabled

Ramsey Bros RTK

Top Level Accuracy
Farm License - Multiple units
$ 1,000 Annually
  • Pass to pass accuracy - 2.5cm
  • Repeatable accuracy - 2.5cm
  • Glonass enabled

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