One good turn deserves another

One good turn deserves another

We’re not going to lie — a solid piece of machinery can turn our heads better than a good-looking lady — and no one does a telehandler like JCB!

As one of the top global companies in construction, this British family-owned company has long been innovating the industry and, of course, been one of Ramsey Bros’ major suppliers.

And one of our most popular pieces since the seventies, has consistently been the telehandler — an incredibly versatile piece of equipment that’s changed the possibilities within the agricultural and construction industries. Whether it’s for moving or carting hay, grain or other produce, or getting things out of hard to reach places, they’ve come to be known as ‘the farmer’s best friend’ for a very good reason.

“One of the most common things we hear when our clients get their first telehandler is, ‘how did I survive without this on my farm!’” says Group Sales Manager Tim Glover.

As we’re heading into hay season, telehandlers across fields and farms, as far as the eye can see, will be getting a workout. After years of providing us with top-notch machinery and enjoying a great relationship with JCB, our turn to ‘repay’ them with some sage ‘Aussie advice’ came when Tim joined a select group of dealers to tour the JCB headquarters in the UK in 2018.

“I was thrilled to get a guernsey to this trip. In the true English spirit, the JCB team rolled out the red carpet and we were treated to a truly spectacular experience,” says Tim.

“We toured the factory — it was incredible to see where this globally recognised company originated, ahead of a big dinner and presentation which was set up in JCB’s vast open quarry. They had a beautiful big marquee and all the bells and whistles… it was pretty magnificent,” Tim recalls.

“We arrived at the pre-drinks and were instantly offered refreshments. Standing with around half a dozen other Aussie dealers in the warm night air, it was the perfect setting for a cold beer, which the waiters kindly brought us… only when we cracked the top off them, they weren’t too chilled.

“I didn’t want to be rude and thankfully, we’re friendly enough with the JCB crew that they saw the funny side when I cheekily asked the owner’s son George whether ‘all Poms drink their beer warm?’” Tim laughs.

“And although I’m sure they thought it was a little odd, no one batted an eyelid when we convinced the caterers to swap their perfectly chilled appetisers in ice buckets with our stubbies. Well, within 15 minutes, the staff had done wonders, the beers were on ice and the rest of the night was spent thoroughly enjoying JCB’s hospitality in this magnificent setting!

“Not only have we proudly worked with JCB for many years, it was our honour to make a little difference to the way they enjoy a beer, in return,” jokes Tim.


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