Air-assisted spraying benefits at Callington

THE thought of applying crop sprays with water rates as low as 30 litres per hectare was not easy for Callington brothers Nathan and Brett Wegener to comprehend, however since making the move to air-assisted spraying they have not looked back.


Fat Farmers: Rural Health Initiative welcomes Ramsey Bros and Case IH coming on board as key sponsor.

Fat Farmers has been working to improve the health and wellbeing of farmers across areas of rural South Australia since 2010. The initiative was founded by a group of farmers at Maitland, Yorke Peninsula when they realized that farm work alone was not providing enough exercise to stay healthy, especially as they were getting older. So they decided to start a weekly group-fitness session and participating in fun runs like the City to Bay and gradually the word spread with more groups formed in other areas across rural SA.



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