Meet our team

Meet our team

Our Integrated Technologies team is focused on helping farmers find the best Ag Tech solutions for their Precision Ag programs.


The Ramsey Bros Integrated Technologies team is widely recognised for its specialised experience – with an ability to understand and apply ag technology that really sets them apart. They have deep roots in South Australian farming, with most having a family background either on the land or in rural communities.

Mick’s team of consultants are focused on continuous learning and keeping ahead of the latest Ag tech developments including hardware, software, guidance, data management and farm systems integration.

We believe product knowledge and technical skill are nothing without a clear understanding of the local farming challenges and seasonal conditions.

Most importantly, our approach is based on taking the time to truly understand our customers’ needs.

We appreciate the importance of return on investment and making sure any hardware or data adds real value to productivity and potential yields.

With so much choice available in Ag Tech, having a wide range of products, technical knowledge and a commitment to consulting with farmers about what solution is right for their farm is central to the services we provide.

“Australia is a hard place to grow a crop, even in a good year.  For an Australian farmer, precision agriculture means more time, more efficiency, less inputs and far better decision making. Let our team help you.”

Michael Hadley, Manager, Integrated Technologies, Ramsey Bros

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