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Genuine Case IH Lubricants | Case IH | Ramsey Bros
While these products are cross compatible, only Case IH OEM lubricants are:
The Case IH lubricants range was designed to deliver:
  • Maximum performance
  • Extended equipment service life
  • Reduced fuel and oil consumption, resulting in reduced environmental impact

Genuine Lubricants

When you love something, protect it.
To ensure maximum machine uptime and superior quality CNH has invested over $100 million to provide the most demanding and rigorous tests of their products to date. Case IH have developed an entire lubricants portfolio engineered specifically for Case IH equipment.
30-60-90 Rule

Off-road equipment generates more usable horsepower – 30% more than on-road trucks and 60% more than automotive engines. Tighter tolerances and higher temperatures than ever before result in severe duty cycles. High-quality, lubricants offer the level of performance and durability required to ensure the longevity and reliability of off-road engines. It’s critical to acknowledge that farming equipment is a unique and tough application for lubricants and as such requires a superior formula to perform and then extensive in-field testing to refine and perfect each lubricant.
Choose Case IH genuine lubricants for optimal performance of your machines.

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