Remembering Lloyd

Remembering Lloyd

When brothers, Lloyd and Fred Ramsey joined forces in 1950 to start what would become Ramsey Bros, they never would have dreamed it would become such a large company, now employing over 120 people across South Australia. They simply set out to create a trustworthy business, based on things they loved. But by their very natures, they set the foundation for a strong family business that prides itself on down-to-earth and reliable service to South Australian farmers and their families.

In January 1983, we lost Lloyd in a tragic car accident. Today we’re taking a moment to pay tribute to this unforgettable man by chatting to his son and Ramsey Bros Systems Manager, Brad Ramsey.

“I cannot think of a time in my whole life when there was anything but admiration for Dad being a really great person. Everything about him was something to respect — he was very compassionate and hardworking. Monday to Friday, we didn’t see lots of him — he’d walk out early in the morning and come home late at night after a busy day working in the business with Fred. But when he was home, we had his attention.

“Dad loved being involved in the local community and weekends were spent playing tennis and golf, and watching us kids play sport — and with six kids, there was certainly always something on,” Brad laughs.

“Dad and Fred were a different duo — so different in personality! You would not find Dad in the front bar of the pub and he only rarely had a drink, but he was not a prude and didn’t mind being around others while they enjoyed themselves.

“He was very consistent and just a low-key kind of character. He loved fishing and some of my best memories are fishing with Dad in Port Lincoln and Coffin Bay.

“He was a very humble and genuine man, and had the back of anyone who ran into trouble or needed support. 

“One time, Dad went out to a farm in Kielpa to deliver some fuel to a farmer. He showed up with a dozen drums of fuel (more than what was ordered). The farmer said he couldn’t possibly afford it all and Dad’s response was that they’d all get used at some stage and just to keep it on hand and sort out payment down the track. He was very caring and willing to do what he could to help someone out, which he and Fred did on many occasions. I think their trust in their community and building strong relationships went a long way in building the kind of business they wanted to run, and we still proudly maintain this ethos today.

“Unfortunately, Dad didn’t get to meet my children but I know he would’ve been proud. He loved all of his grandchildren and he would be extremely proud to know that he has three grandsons honouring his legacy, dealing with customers just the way he would have, every day of the week.

“I’ve missed him forever, but life goes on and I think he’d be really happy to see what we’re all doing today.”


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