Ute on a spit

Ute on a spit

How do you like your ute bbq-ed?

Rare, medium rare?

Well, Daven “Waxy” Tomney prefers his well done.

Yes, some of you may have heard about poor Waxy’s infamous run in with a charcoal spit BBQ some years ago (and a warning to readers: this yarn contains way too many puns).

Waxy regularly donates his time to support charities by running the BBQ as a fundraiser in addition to his other roles as Chief BBQ Manager and precision agriculture consultant for Ramsey Bros.

On this occasion, he’d just unpacked the spit from one community event and in his haste to head off to another, accidently reversed his ute over an array of meat knives and spit prongs which he’d neatly placed on the ground, skewering his rear tyre.

The noise was pretty spectacular.

Waxy assures us he didn’t drop any wild words but stepped calmly out of the car and shook his head, absolutely speechless.

He proceeded to pull all the snagged prongs out of the tyre (no mean feat with a crowbar and lever), jumped back in the cab, turned the gas up and edged forward.

The pop, hiss and sizzle of another tyre deflating left poor Waxy smoking mad. 

How could he possibly run over the BBQ tools twice?

Another tyre gone, not to mention the poor spit which by now looked more like a tin foil flat pack.

Thank goodness no-one was around to witness the debacle and grill him about it. 

And lucky he’s such a good sport!

PS Do you know how Waxy earned his nickname? It wasn’t from a misspent youth chasing the surf with a longboard but rather while at boarding school in Adelaide he resembled another older student named “Lax” so, in the fine Australian tradition of random nicknames, he was dubbed “Wax” or “Waxy”. 

And it stuck.


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