Who run the world? Girls!

Who run the world? Girls!

We love that there are plenty of kick-ass women who are part of the Ramsey Bros story. They are the CFOs, machine operators, mums, cooks, shearers and shed hands — the 51 percent that keeps the wheels of agriculture turning.

Over the years, we’ve enjoyed many opportunities getting to know them and thank them for being such incredible contributors to the farming industry we deal with every day. But there’s one occasion that sticks out in the minds of many as one of our Sales legends, Jamie Tomney recalls.

“Going back about 11 years ago, Ramsey Bros held a special day for some of the ladies we work with in the wider Wudinna district to thank them for their incredible support. I put my hand up to be the chauffeur for the day and dutifully picked up about 12 ladies and a couple of staff and headed along the highway towards Port Lincoln,” Jamie says.

“It was an exceptionally foggy morning and the women were chatting away about a day away from the farms, excited about a full day of shopping and long-lunching. The road was fairly empty, apart from a few locals waiting to put their kids on the school bus, when we noticed a lady on the side of the highway lugging a small carry-on suitcase behind her. Our guests insisted we stop to see if she needed a lift, so I obliged.

“As soon as the stranger stepped foot on the bus, the laughter erupted. She was, in fact, one of Ramsey Bros’ long-standing salesmen, Jeremy Wagner, aka ‘Fridge’, dressed to the nines as his rarely sighted alter-ego, Margaret.

“Known for his rectangular build, Fridge occasionally transforms into Margaret for the amusement of those around him it’s never failed to get a laugh. Anyone who knows Fridge, knows Margaret,” Jamie laughs.  

“Well, the ladies wholeheartedly embraced our unexpected addition and Margaret played the part to a tee! We shopped it up all morning, before migrating to the Delacolline Winery (now Peter Teakle Wines) for a very relaxed long-lunch.

“After lunch and a few refreshments, the ladies decided that a new frock for Margaret was in order, and of course, I got roped into it too! So off we went to the local op shop for new outfits and a modelling spree to rival the ages. We both emerged in rather lairy get-ups, as you can imagine.

“The whole day was a cracker and it was great to get to know some of the wonderful women who are part of the Ramsey Bros community,” Jamie says.

“And although there have only been rare sightings of Margaret since that day, you’d be well-advised to look carefully if you ever see a woman looking a little out of place on the side of a highway, because you just never know when she’ll pop up again.”


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