70 Year Yarns – Your Yarn Competition

A good yarn’s more than entertaining — these stories speak volumes about the most important part of our history — the people and we can’t wait to add you to this entertaining collection of Ramsey Bros history.

To celebrate our 70th anniversary in 2020, we’re sharing some of the best yarns we’ve heard along the way. There are tales of tenacity and tragedy, stories that will make you laugh until you cry and others that will leave you shaking your head in disbelief.

For your chance to win a $250 AUD voucher redeemable in any Ramsey Bros branch that stocks toys, simply fill in your details and give a brief description of your yarn. One winner will be randomly drawn from the entries and our writer will get in touch to write your yarn to add to our 70 Year Yarns collection — making you a permanent part of Ramsey Bros history!

Good luck!


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