Digging Deep

Digging Deep

A chinwag with Ausplow’s Sales and Marketing Manager Chris Blight has us excited about the road ahead. 

When it comes to revolutionary agricultural mechanical systems, Ausplow has it in the bag. “For over 35 years, our machinery has allowed Australian farmers to improve soil structure, crop yields, plant quality and nutrients in dry farming regions,” Chris says. 

Managing Director John Ryan AM founded Ausplow to deliver environmentally sustainable cropping and soil management practices using the revolutionary Deep Blade System (DBS), and was unsurprisingly awarded the Prince Phillip Prize for Engineering Excellence and a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for his services to primary industry.  

More than machinery 

While based in Western Australia, local is very much the name of the game. “Everything we do is homegrown, and relationships are at the centre of it all. Although we’re one of the largest manufacturers in the country, we’ll always be small-businesses-minded, working with other family-orientated dealers and farmers,” Chris says. 

Their nationwide support means personalised support beyond operator manuals and instructions. “Farmers invest serious money in this equipment, so we support them in the most pragmatic way. Going into seeding each year, we’ll jump on a plane and visit every person who’s purchased Ausplow equipment that year. And I don’t know what it is, but South Australian farmers are the most relaxed of the bunch — it’s always a pleasure to land here!” 

Another benefit of these visits is getting feedback from the very people using their equipment. “I get the good, bad and the ugly! Most of the time, it’s really positive, but when we get a common thread of feedback, we can take it back to the engineering group, who are constantly looking for improvements,” Chris explains. 

New product alert! 

In line with ongoing development, Chris chatted through Ausplow’s two big game-changers on offer. 

Sectional Control System 

“First up, the Ausplow Automatic Section Control and Variable Rate Technology is now available, and improves efficiency by reducing overlap, provides stand and maturity uniformity, and reduces the environmental impact of over-application.

“The Granular Section Control system is fitted to the primary standpipes, with patented venturi and air bypass design giving consistent airflow and seed distribution across the width of the bar, while the Liquid Section Control system replaces the standard distribution module. The Topcon control system allows for the granular and liquid flow to be adjusted in advance for precise output at the tine — and combined with the Topcon X35, the precise application reduces your inputs,” Chris explains. 

Active Drawbar System 

Secondly, the DBS Auseeder will be available with the option of an Active Drawbar System from 2024. “The DBS Auseeder is traditionally a rigid precision seeder with the ability to maintain consistent deep sub-soil cultivation during seeding. Currently manufactured bars will have the option to go ‘active’ with an active drawbar, which follows the contour of the land using hydraulics and radar. ” 

Caption: Ausplow Service Manager Ray Beacham and Sales and Marketing Manager Chris Blight at the Yorke Peninsula Field Days.

Top tips 

During our chat, Chris also dished up some practical ways to protect yourself and your Ausplow equipment. 

While using your equipment 

  1. Safety chains are fitted to all Ausplow equipment. Use them! 
  2. Check the tine assembly mounting hardware is secure at the start of each season.     
  3. Keep an eye on your DBS chassis, checking: 
  • that no airseeder or hydraulic hoses are rubbing or kinking
  • there’s no damage to tine assembly components, including seed and fertiliser boots, seed and fertiliser tubes, and parallelogram stoppers. 
  1. To keep your DBS frame in good order, ensure that cables are tight, following: 
  • 30mm deflection at mid cable, with a 20kg weight applied for inner wing 
  • 70mm deflection at mid cable, with a 20kg weight applied for the outer cables. 

Transporting your equipment 

  1. Don’t exceed a maximum speed of 30km/hour. 
  2. Use depth (donuts) stops.
  3. Ensure the machine is secured before moving (don’t fold it on the move). 
  4. Use wing fold locking pins to secure wing movement.
  5. Release tine circuit hydraulic pressure and leave the accumulator hydraulic line connected to the towing tractor, with the lever in ‘float position’ to allow the tine to kick back if you encounter an obstruction (like a tree) while travelling. 

And, of course, don’t forget the Ramsey Bros team is only ever a phone call away if you have questions about your Ausplow machinery. 



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