A Rare Part

A Rare Part

After finishing high school, Kira wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. “I grew up on a farm just out of Kimba, so I’ve always found agriculture interesting but never expected to end up interpreting and ordering parts for machinery repair and maintenance,” she says.

“I was excited to begin with such a respected company and started part-time with Ramsey Bros in admin and helping on small jobs. I was blown away when they asked me to join the parts department almost four years ago (understanding it was predominantly a male role), however, I was still excited to give it a good go.”

Kira Symonds

With an open mind and plenty of support, Kira has come in on leaps and bounds in her role supporting local farmers and the workshop team. “There’s always more to learn, but I’ve been so lucky to grow with very knowledgeable and well-respected work mates who’ve mentored me along the way, and farmers who’ve been very patient and supportive.”

“Although it seems like you need a mechanical mind to do this job, a lot of it is problem solving, plus juggling freight orders, customer assistance, supporting the workshop team and some admin tasks. Different times of the year bring different challenges, so it’s never the same, but you just can’t be afraid to ask questions,” Kira says of her role.

As for her favourite thing about the job, Kira has more than one answer. “I love supporting locals! Cummins is a real community, and the support goes both ways between Ramsey Bros and our customers, which is even better,” Kira says.

There’s a lot to love about life in Cummins, as Kira explains. “I’m very sociable and love being part of the Ramblers netball club, both as a player and volunteer. Plus, we’re so lucky to have such an amazing coastline to adventure along.”

Clearly driven by helping others, Kira also volunteers with the SA Ambulance Service. “I’m so grateful that Ramsey Bros are so flexible and encouraging, letting me put myself on the roster in quieter periods — it’s amazing they’re prepared to take the chance of me needing to go help in the community when I’m needed. And making a positive difference to someone’s day is so rewarding,” Kira says.

While she never planned to take this career path, Kira wants to continue growing in her role, taking on new challenges within the business. “Ramsey Bros are like my second family. I feel good coming in and being part of the team — especially the laughs we have along the way!”



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