A top partner

A top partner

2023 marks 50 years for Ramsey Bros leading the charge in the Precision Ag revolution, and a key player in our success to date has been our long-term partnership with Topcon — but the collaboration goes beyond the conventional supplier-dealer relationship.

Today, Topcon Agriculture continues to evolve its product line, incorporating cutting-edge technology like cloud-based data management, satellite-based correction services, and IoT (Internet of Things) integration to further improve farming practices.

By granting Topcon access to our machinery and operations for in-depth research and development, Ramsey Bros ensures every product we sell has been tested in real-world farming conditions, helping to put innovative technology into your hands.

Ramsey Bros Integrated Technologies Manager Mick Hadley is resolute about offering effective solutions that genuinely benefit farmers and agribusiness, saying: “If we haven’t seen it work, it doesn’t work”.

It’s our privilege to partner with this incredible team to develop customised solutions to suit the specific needs of Australia’s ever-changing agricultural landscape, and we proudly wear the title of ‘Topcon Dealer of the Year’ for six years running.

Ahead of the 2024 seeding season, we take a look at the Topcon Apollo — a product that will change the way you farm.

The Topcon Apollo

The Topcon Apollo system will completely change seeding for you, giving you control of up to eight products to ensure precise seeding while reducing your inputs.

Proper seed placement can directly impact your yield, improve efficiency, reduce overlaps and environmental impact. Topcon offers a variety of variable rate seeding solutions, regardless of the type of machinery you run. Topcon’s complete line-up works on air seeders, drills and row-unit planters that will have you field ready.

Broadacre seeding

Apollo application control ECUs are configurable to support a wide range of air seeding implements. Apollo ECUs running with Topcon GNSS auto steering bring it all together in a synergistic system, from single product to multi- product seed, chemical and fertiliser application.

Topcon X family consoles and Horizon Software

The Topcon X family consoles (exclusive with Horizon software) give Apollo an advanced, one- touch-interface in an easy-to- use, high visibility format for unmatched control in today’s market. They combine rate control, path planning, high accuracy GNss steering and full agronomic data control, which has set new standards in the seeder market. Apollo offers up to eight product control channels and can run Variable Rate Control on all eight simultaneously including liquid, dry and NH3. It offers Section Control for dry, liquid or NH3 on each boom independently, and optional blockage monitoring of 100+ lines.

ISO UT interface for ISO compliant consoles

Full function ISO client feature means Apollo runs on a standard ISOBUS network, allowing blockage features and up to four tanksor bins for product control to be displayed on ISO compliant terminals. Additionally, the Apollo Task Controller function supports advanced features, such as variable rate.

The Apollo system is modularised and in a solid state, so no moving parts or solder connections make it very robust and reliable. Simple LEDs make for easy troubleshooting should any problems arise.

CM-40 Control Module (Master Controller)

Serving as the master controller, this module is ISO compliant and features four application rate control channels. It incorporates multiple encoder, digital and analog inputs to enhance its versatility.

Additionally, the control module is IP69K rated for high pressure, high-temperature washdowns. The inclusion of LED indicators facilitates monitoring, displaying information on power status, faults and communication.

EM-24 Expansion Module

The EM-24 Expansion Module is specifically designed to provide additional section control and blockage monitoring capabilities. It operates in conjunction with the Apollo CM-40, functioning as a controlled extension that enhances the overall capabilities of the system.

KP-12 CAN Based Keypad

This keyboard offers versatile options for in-cab use during operation and on the air cart for calibration, with in-cab, user-assigned control multiple functions, including implement lift/ lower, rate adjustment, and auto/ manual toggles for liquid tanks and more. The on-frame keypad handles tasks beyond calibration, such as priming tanks (proportional drive for granular applications only), and lifting or lowering the drill.

Multiple calibration methods

The system offers multiple calibration methods:

  • Manual Calibration – Operator driven, this method is used when the calibration factor is known.
  • Automatic Calibration – The Calibration Wizard calculates factors based on single or multiple tanks.
  • Area Test – Simulates operation running on a user-selectable area, allowing the operator to verify accurate product metering.
  • Weight-based Calibration – Begins with a known product amount, and Apollo adjusts the calibration factor based on the entered actual weight remaining after the tank is

For more on the Apollo Seeder or other Topcon products, get in touch with your local Ramsey Bros team or visit ramseybros.com.au/our-brands/topcon



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