Axial Flow 250-Series Combines

Axial Flow 250-Series Combines

45 Years of High-capacity, High-efficiency Harvesting

With 2-speed electric shift ground drive transmission, adjustable rotor cage vanes, improved feeder house design and standard AFS Harvest Command™ combine automation system, Axial-Flow® 250 series combines are engineered for a high-efficiency harvest. 

For over four decades, the Axial-Flow 250 series combine set the standard for high-capacity and highly efficient harvesting. Designed to optimise grain quality and grain savings, the 250 series combines with optional AFS Harvest Command™ automation simplifies harvesting by sensing and optimising machine settings — regardless of operator skill level.

AFS Harvest Command automation is officially supported for the following crop types: corn, soybeans, canola, barley, wheat and rice.

Axial-Flow 7250
With 402 hp at 2100 engine RPMs and a 410-bushel tank, the Axial-Flow® 7250 combine delivers superior performance and capacity.
Axial Flow 7250 | Case IH | Ramsey Bros
Axial-Flow 8250
The Axial-Flow® 8250 combine, with 480 hp at 2100 engine RPMs and a 410-bushel tank, provides unmatched horsepower and the performance you’ve come to expect from Case IH.
Axial Flow 8250 | Case IH | Ramsey Bros
Axial-Flow 9250
The Axial-Flow 9250 combine, with 550 hp at 2100 engine RPMs and a 410 bushel-tank, provides ultimate power to handle demanding field conditions and heavy loads.
Axial Flow 9250 | Case IH | Ramsey Bros
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