Leaders of the pack

Leaders of the pack

We know that guidance correction can make or break your operation — which is why we’ve taken precision farming to the next level with RAMNet. Ramsey Bros Integrated Technologies Manager Michael Hadley is ready to run you through it all! 

State-wide correction coverage

As South Australia’s long-time leader in RTK — operating South Australia’s first and largest network of guidance correction base stations since the early 1990s — we’re proudly stepping it up again by overlaying RAMNet’s existing radio-based RTK service with cellular coverage from mobile phone towers. 

RTK services are now operational via cellular towers, giving you improved efficiency, productivity and yield potential — the big ticket benefits that come with RAMNet’s precision farming. 

This means access to unrivalled guidance correction across the entire state’s cropping regions, from Renmark to Ceduna — for broadacre, orchard, viticulture and horticulture farmers — so you can implement critical strategies, like controlled traffic, precision planting and harvesting, soil mapping and variable rate inputs.

Suits all machinery and technology platforms

RAMNet is a fantastic service for all farmers and best of all, it’s compatible with all types of different hardware. It works just as well on John Deere systems as Case IH, Topcon, Trimble and other platforms, so you can use it on whatever guidance system you already own and know well.  

Reach and reliability
Guidance correction updates contain about the same amount of data as a typical SMS text message and can be delivered via UHF, 3G, 4G or 5G services depending on local coverage. Our radio network covers large areas of the Eyre Peninsula and Mid North in particular.

RAMNet adds the state-wide NTRIP service, which operates via mobile phone networks, to give greater coverage from fewer signal towers and eliminates the need for UHF for a line-of-sight signal. The NTRIP system should also be more reliable, with fewer towers and the ability to remotely monitor availability. For example, in the event of widespread lightning, our Integrated Technologies team will be able to check all the NTRIP towers almost instantly and respond to any towers that report a problem. 

Single subscription simplicity

RAMNet is the simple solution for guidance correction, now and in the future.

Firstly, one subscription provides access to the existing Ramsey Bros UHF radio network and the new NTRIP cellular service. It can also extend to future correction services (such as satellite) as they come online. 

Our team will work with you to determine which network offers the best coverage in your location, and with no need to change accounts or providers, changing or upgrading will be simple and seamless. 

Even better? A lot of operations use precision farming systems on several machines at the same time, especially the larger horticulture and broadacre operations and RAMNet is unique in offering up to five seats per subscription for even greater simplicity and value. It’s the obvious choice for those farmers.

Switch it up

To learn more, download the RAMNet episode of Ramsey Radio ramseybros.com.au/podcast (hyperlink to this https://ramseybros.com.au/podcast/ramnet-simply-better-rtk-for-sa



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