Legendary legacies

Legendary legacies

Cheers to 40 years of elbow grease, ace customer service and solid commitment to the team!

Charge your glasses to Al Shumann and Craig ‘Radish’ Furnell, who’ve hit Ramsey Bros’ history as the first non- family members to reach a remarkable four decades with us! But this isn’t just about numbers — it’s about the immeasurable impact they’ve had on our team, our customers and the ag community at large.
Enjoy a walk down memory lane with these Ramsey Bros stars …


Legendary Legacies | Partner Mag | Ramsey Bros
Al (1984)
Al Schumann

Apart from a brief stint in Adelaide, Al’s called Cleve home for life. He’s relished the laid-back lifestyle and his role as a mechanic at the Cleve dealership, where he’s assisted in the harvest of approximately 10 million tonnes of grain.

Al knows all types of machinery, recounts part numbers off the top of his head, and is described by Cleve Branch Manager and Salesman Matt Crettenden as “very loyal to Ramsey Bros and an absolute guru with hydraulics”.

How did you wind up at Ramsey Bros?

I grew up in the Mallee until I was about 14 and my family moved to Cleve, where my father was the manager of Eudunda Farmers’ Grocery Store. Fixing ag machinery seemed like a diverse job, so I went to Adelaide to do an apprenticeship as a fitter and turner.
I worked with another business for a bit but didn’t like the city much, so I went back to Cleve where there’s no hustle and bustle. I knew Eddy Ward from the Cleve Sporting Club — he was the president, and I was the treasurer — and in 1983, I asked Eddy for a job.

What’s been your favourite role?

I was the service manager for around 13 years and loved that, but I stepped away from those pressures getting closer to retirement. Now, I work as a mechanic and help make sure the apprentices are on the right track.
Overall, I’d say the hydraulics and electrics are my things, and I like working on different machinery each day. I love working out what the problem is and helping farmers to get going again as quickly as possible.

What’s the key to nailing a job?

Patience — it’s the most important attribute. It once took six months to figure out a tractor that was only working intermittently, but I stuck with it and got it sorted. Don’t get angry with something or you’re not concentrating.
And also experience because it helps you think outside the square. I’m always thinking “there’s gotta be a better way”, so I enjoy making things for customers or special tools for the workshop to make it easier next time.

Where can we find you outside of work?

I’m still the treasurer and bar manager at the sporting club; and my wife, Anne, and I follow our son Rhett’s sport on weekends. He’s a fourth-year ag mechanic in Cummins, so he’s following my lead.
Apart from that, I ride my bike about 40km a week to the local reservoir because my legs don’t like running anymore, but I’ve just had knee surgery, so that’s on hold for now.

Is it true you dug your swimming pool by hand?

I bought an above-ground pool and started digging with a loader, but I couldn’t get in there easily, so I switched to doing it by hand. It took around two years! One hot day when only about half the deck was up, I said to Rhett, “Bugger it, let’s go swimming!” and that meant it was done.

Legendary Legends | Partner Magazine | Ramsey Bros
Matt Crettenden and Al
Legendary Legends | Partner Magazine | Ramsey Bros
Legendary Legacies | Partner Mag | Ramsey Bros
Radish (1984)
Craig Furnell

You’ll more likely know him as Radish (or Rad), but whatever you call him, there’s no doubt our Wudinna Service Manager is one in a million. Clocking up 40 years not long after Al, Rad is admired for his grounded nature and knack for quickly reviving breakdowns.

Group Operations Manager Linc Ramsey sums up this milestone: “Forty years is an outstanding effort and rarely seen in business today. Radish has been a significant part of our business and is highly respected, not only internally but by our customers and the wider industry, as a true expert in his field. He’s part of the Ramsey Bros DNA, and we’re privileged to have his level of expertise and experience within the team.”

How did you kick off with Ramsey Bros?

I’m not from a farming background — we’re plumbers, actually. But back in 1983, there was no work around and Ramsey Bros advertised for three apprentices. I’d just finished Year 12, so I went for it and started as an apprentice at Cleve. I worked there as a mechanic until 2000 when I moved up to Wudinna and took on the service manager role.

What’s great about it?

It’s been great job security and working for a family business. I like seeing results at the end of each day — getting machines out on tight timelines and making sure everything’s working for our farmers so they can focus on their jobs. I also enjoy working with the team and teaching the apprentices.

What makes Wudinna so good?

The people! It’s very laid back — and the customers are all pretty relaxed. It’s a very tight-knit show here, so I’m friends with a lot of the customers. I’m very happy here.

What do you get up to outside of business hours?

I like relaxing … don’t mind a beer or two. I also have a caravan and enjoy heading up to the Northern Territory with mates or family.

Where does ‘Radish’ come from?

Goes back a long way. In Grade 1 at school, I was in a running race as ‘Radish the Racehorse’. It stuck … like it does over here.

How did you celebrate 40 years?

I went to the VAILO Adelaide 500 with five mates — it was great! I got a supercar ride around the track and got up to 230km … super quick! It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Huge thanks and congratulations to both Al and Radish! They’ve actively shaped the evolution of Ramsey Bros and given us countless memories over the years. Here’s to all that’s still to come!

Legendary Legacies | Partner Mag | Ramsey Bros
Radish and Mark Ward
Legendary Legacies | Partner Mag | Ramsey Bros



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