Let’s get wild

Let’s get wild

Did you know that Ramsey Bros offers quality machinery, parts and expert advice beyond the broadacre fields? Yep, we support farmers in horticulture, viticulture, livestock and all other sorts of produce — and our latest partnership with Monarto Safari Park has us branching out into animal conservation. 

As the largest conservation safari experience outside of Africa, Monarto Safari Park is certainly a jewel in South Australia’s crown. Spanning more than 1,500 hectares, it’s home to more than 500 animals, including over 50 species of birds and reptiles, exotic and native mammals, plus one of Australia’s largest lion prides and giraffe herds in a natural safari-style setting. 

This private conservation charity is run by Zoos South Australia and relies on the generous support of members, donors and visitors to continue their fight to save species from extinction — and Ramsey Bros is honoured to help support their work.

“We’re thrilled to be providing a Case IH Maxxum Tractor and Loader to the park for 12 months to help with the workload that comes with looking after these animals, for general maintenance and to help with the construction of their new Wild Africa habitat,” says Ramsey Bros Group Wholegoods Executive Tim Glover.  

From left to right: Shana Kenny, Tim Jenkins, Tim Glover and Stephanie Engelaar

Getting to work 

In the same way that members of the public can help name the animals, it seemed only fitting to get their help with naming the Maxxum Tractor — Digby! His name is a tribute to Monarto’s expert digger, a meerkat named Digby, who sadly passed away in August. 

Digby the tractor has settled in well with the Monarto Safari Park team, helping with lots of heavy lifting — moving soil and compost in and around animal and visitor landscaped areas, moving rock, carrying out earthworks in preparation for the construction of animal facilities, and unloading and moving steel and timber supplies. Digby is also a star player when it comes to slashing firebreaks, maintaining the walking tracks, building roads, and spreading fertiliser and manure onto pasture. 

He’s also instrumental in helping to feed the animals and maintain the hippo, giraffe and cheetah’s night quarters, as well as working on sundowner lookouts, the Mallee Sanctuary, Rhino Raceway, and construction of the brand-new Wild Africa experience. 

As Monarto Safari Park’s General Manager of Operations Tim Jenkins explains, the use of the Case IH Maxxum Tractor has had a big impact already. “Our partnership with Ramsey Brothers and their invaluable support is a game-changer for Monarto Safari Park. It enables us to sculpt and maintain Monarto Safari Park’s many animal pastures, carry out earthworks in preparation for the construction of animal facilities and the build of our Wild Africa experience. Thanks to the tractor being available to us, we’re not just completing tasks; we’re building a legacy of conservation and wildlife stewardship, turning Monarto Safari Park into the largest safari experience outside of Africa.” 

Big news on the horizon 

Monarto Safari Park is already an unforgettable experience for the whole family, and it’s set to get even better! You’ll soon have the option of sleeping under a blanket of stars at the park’s resort or retreat to luxury at the glamping accommodation. Along with opening these unique accommodation options, the team is also launching exciting new safari experiences in a precinct known as Wild Africa. 

“You will soon be able to set off on an open-sided vehicle tour through herds of roaming animals and watch as they gather, graze and wallow at the waterholes,” Tim explains.  

And Monarto Safari Park’s Wild Africa vision is no small project! Over 550 hectares (1,400 acres) have been planted with specific grasses to not only provide food for the huge number of animals who will call the area home, but also to create scenes reminiscent of the African plains. As part of this project, more than 40kms of rhino-proof fencing has been installed and a further 20kms of external feral-proof fencing will keep out pests like feral cats and foxes. 

Construction on the park’s new precinct began a few years ago and is now stampeding towards completion with the construction of eight waterholes and 20kms of safari tracks. Volunteers have been involved in many areas of Wild Africa’s development, assisting with anything from planting to painting to help create the feeling that visitors are truly immersed in the African wilderness.

“Future visitors to the Wild Africa precinct will help fund Monarto Safari Park’s vital conservation work, both here in Australia and around the world. As a conservation charity that exists to save species from extinction, we’re proud to support a number of international conservation partners,” Tim says. 

Although it may be a small contribution in the grand-scheme of such big work, Ramsey Bros is certainly proud to be able to support the team in looking after these precious creatures, and making sure their wonder can be experienced by big and little kids alike.

Learn more at monartosafari.com.au



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