Kimba’s thriving community of 1300 people know just how special their town is – and it’s well worth the drive to discover its charms halfway across Australia where ‘the east meets the west’.

With reliable rainfall and productive soils, agriculture has always been the mainstay for Kimba since the beginning of the 20th century.  Today it is home to one of the largest inland grain terminals reflecting the predominance of wheat cropping in the area.

Recently, Kimba secured the dedicated services of a GP to ensure residents have better access to primary healthcare in addition to the District Hospital and Aged Care facility and its 24-hour emergency department and volunteer ambulance service.

With around 200 students, Kimba Area School has attracted outstanding teachers from early years through to Year 12 and runs strong music and sport programs, both well-supported by the local community.

Now home to one of South Australia’s latest silo art installations, Kimba is benefiting from increased tourism activity.  With an abundance of natural resources and a stunning landscape, this is a place where people visit once, fall in love with the town and community, and never leave.

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