BEDNAR FMT s.r.o. was founded in 1997 and has become a distinguished international manufacturer of agricultural technology and a professional partner to many farmers. Bednar are specialists in the production of agricultural technology for soil cultivation, seeding, inter-row cultivation, mulching, fertilization, and crop residue management.

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Change Your Game

Learn more about how the Bednar can help you unlock and restore the potential that lays beneath many of our soil types and hear the results direct from growers and agronomists from using the Bednar over the past three seasons right here in South Australia.

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See the Bednar in action

Check out the deep ripping action of the Bednar Terraland demonstrated to a group of growers at LongtrailFarms at Parilla. The Ramsey Bros crew ran the machine across several different areas of the farm with varying soil profiles. Clay was brought up from 400-500mm depths and incorporated into the top layers of soil. Even in a paddock with 500mm of rye stubble, the Bednar left a clean finish.


The Ins and outs of soil amelioration

Soil amelioration is a hot topic for many growers – and a potential solution to the increasing scarcity and cost of established cropping land.

Join Senior Agronomist Matt Howell on Ramsey Radio for an in-depth discussion about the value of underlying clay and how amelioration can help improve the productivity of sandy soils or turn marginal paddocks into profitable country.

Matt Howell Senior Agronomist_square
Matt Howell, Senior Agronomist
We haven’t had a case in the last three years, since we started using the Bednar, where it hasn’t paid for itself in year one. We’ve had canola results that at times aren’t believable
Al Ifould Magic Dirt Farming
Al Ifould, Magic Dirt Farming
It’s not the only tool in the toolbox but it is a very integral part of it. It’s all about improving production of what you already own

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