With over 40 years of experience you can trust Spitwater to tackle any tough agricultural cleaning job from cultivators, combine harvesters, chook sheds, cattle decks and more!

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About Spitwater

Every single day, across Australia SPITWATER pressure cleaners, JETFIRE space heaters and VACSTORM vacuum cleaners, extraction units and scrubber dryers are hard at work in mines, on farms, at workshops, in factories, in floods, droughts and fires. To find out more about Spitwater watch this short video.

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Ramsey Bros X Spitwater

Ramsey Bros has been proudly appointed as an authorised dealer of Spitwater products. This partnership brings together two trusted names in promising top-quality equipment and exceptional customer service.

Spitwater, renowned for its cutting-edge cleaning solutions, has selected Ramsey Bros to expand its distribution network and provide farmers, businesses, and individuals with easy access to their extensive range of high-pressure cleaners, vacuum cleaners, and industrial heating systems.

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Tools not Toys

Choose Tools not Toys this summer. Check out Spitwater’s great summer offers – hurry they end 30.1.24.


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