Our partnership with Augmenta offers you maximum productivity and sustainability.

Our partnership with Augmenta offers you maximum productivity and sustainability.

The world of precision agriculture technology continues to evolve, and our exciting new partnership with Augmenta gives you ground-breaking AI-powered technology that seamlessly integrates with your existing farming equipment. 

Industry leaders 

Kicking off as a tech start-up in 2016, Augmenta is now part of Raven (a CNH Industrial brand) and delivers innovative farming solutions across the globe. Their state-of-the-art solutions simultaneously provide real-time scanning, analysis and control of your farming implements. This is achieved through data analytics and computer vision, which empowers farmers to make informed decisions without relying on guesswork — leading to more accurate crop monitoring, optimal resource allocation, maximum productivity and minimal environmental impact. 

But what sets this team apart, is that their products are made by farmers, for farmers. “My co-founder and I have a background in farming and electrical engineering,” Augmenta Director of Customer Success Jim Evangelopoulos explains. 

“We started our first-ever product on our farms in Greece because we thought it would help us — and it worked so well, we got excited and wanted to share it with others. There was a real need for this technology, so we made it our business to help other farmers,” Jim says. 

The Field Analyzer (Gen 3) 

Augmenta’s latest device is changing the possibilities for farmers across the globe. “Our third iteration (Gen 3) Field Analyzer saves your crop inputs and increases yield outcomes dramatically. It’s the result of extensive testing in more than 27 countries (including Australia), and has been designed to be really easy to use,” Jim explains. 

“The Field Analyzer is mounted on top of your tractor and looks ahead about 20 metres, using six different cameras that record high-resolution videos in a wavelength beyond what the human eye can see. It scans all the parameters to analyse crops, understand the different plant stressors, and make calculations for your spreader or sprayer in real time. Best of all, it won’t cost you time or effort — the dealer installs it, and then it’s always on your tractor, ready whenever you want to turn it on.”

The Augmenta team spent many years getting to this point, and took on early adopters from all over the world to perfect it. “We knew we couldn’t build a local product just based on our experiences in Greece, so we spread Version One of the system all around the world. I personally spent 200 days of the year visiting each of these farmers, watching how they used it, assessing their country’s agronomic principles and collecting all the information to improve it over and over again. Generation Two was released on a bigger scale, and the release of Gen 3 a couple of years ago brought greater signal and interconnectivity than ever,” Jim says. 

Like Augmenta, the Ramsey Bros team has taken the time to understand the technology before offering it to our customers. “We’ve been working under the radar with Ramsey Bros for a year now and recently had the chance to meet with the whole team to give them some hands-on training and a deeper understanding of the Field Analyzer’s capabilities. We’re really excited about making it available to Australian farmers,” Jim says. 

What’s next? 

Jim is just as excited about the current device as for what’s still to come. “We’re always working on many different things, and our principle is always that we’re over-engineering our hardware to cover potential future updates. The Gen 3 has many more capabilities than it needs, so when we release new services, you won’t need to replace it with new hardware. Obviously, one day that will happen, but a really important aspect of the design is that it’s future-proof,” he explains. 

“What’s so exciting about this product when you compare it to other precision ag solutions, is that it gives you immediate results. It’s installed once, and then it’s always ready to go. The long-term potential of this technology is even more exciting — we have the ability now to develop some crazy services! When you combine the crop intelligence of Augmenta with an autonomous tractor from Raven (another CNH Industrial brand), the possibilities are unbelievable. This is what keeps me awake at night — it’s very exciting!” Jim says. 

To take your farming operations to the next level, chat to the Ramsey Bros team about Augmenta’s game-changing Field Analyzer. 

Contact the Ramsey Bros Integrated Technology Team at 0488 845 970 or technology@ramseybros.com.au.

Visit www.ramseybros.com.au/augmenta to learn more about this game-changing partnership.



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