Our Stories 2020

Our Stories 2020

Following the success of the inaugural ‘Our Stories’ feature last year, Ramsey Bros and CASE IH have once again teamed up to supported this ‘family-focused’ Stock Journal publication.

Profiling eight SA farming families; find out what makes them tick, and the journey they took to where they are today. Positive and heartwarming, a great read.

The E-mag can be viewed below, or you can get your own copy in the Stock Journal March 26, 2020 edition.


By Mark Ward, Ramsey Bros managing director

A lot can happen in 70 years.

I wonder what my grandfather would think of what we’ve done with the business if he was alive today. It’s so different from when he and his brother started the small shop in Kielpa 70 years ago.

Different, yes – but so much of what makes Ramsey Bros tick can be traced back to the same country values that have stood the test of time.

I put it down to people. We’ve always lived and worked in small country towns and been part of the local community.

Our customers walk in our dealership door because they want to deal with our people.

Capturing that sentiment and the people who have played a role in the Ramsey Bros story since 1950 is the theme for the business’s 70th anniversary celebrations.

We wanted to focus on the moments and the characters that have shaped Ramsey Bros over the years. There is such a rich history, it’s like gathering little jigsaw pieces to make one big picture.

While its ‘heart’ remains on the Eyre Peninsula, Ramsey Bros has a strong statewide presence, with six dealerships across SA.

Like our farmers, we are dependent on what comes out of the sky. Having branches all across the state has allowed us to create our current business diversity and ensure we don’t have all of our eggs in one basket.

Many of the Ramsey Bros family members involved in the organisation today have worked in other industries, gaining valuable experience outside the family circle.

None of us started in the business – we all came back to it. We went off and did other things first – anything from banking to working as a jackaroo on a station. 

This has given us different skills and perspectives and it means we appreciate what we have at the end of the day. It was never handed to us. We had to work for it.

Bold vision, loyalty, courage, hard work, community spirit and a dash of good humour. Surely that makes for a great 70th anniversary yarn.

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