Podcast Episode 13

The many benefits of sustainability certification

The many benefits of sustainability certification
Ramsey Radio
Ramsey Radio
The many benefits of sustainability certification

Nick Goddard – Sustainable Grain Australia, Australian Oilseeds Federation

Nick Goddard, CEO of the Australian Oilseeds Federation and its Sustainable Grains Australia service, outlines what’s involved and why it is so important.

For Australian farmers, sustainability certification is a simple process that helps encourage best practices on-farm and creates more opportunities on world markets.

Nick explains how Sustainable Grains Australia’s co-ordination of the ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) scheme in Australia has made exporting certified product simple for growers – with just one declaration and audit process required, regardless of how many products and exporters you deal with.

“It’s about more than just reducing carbon output and climate change,” he says.

“The scheme addresses consumer concerns about land management, employee protections, workplace safety and so on.

“It is all standard practice for most Australian farms and actually helps identify opportunities for business improvement.”

This podcast is a must-listen for all farmers. Certification is becoming essential for access to premium markets and prices across canola, barley and selected pulses.

As Nick says, “Consumer demand for sustainability isn’t going to go away.”




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