WeedSeeker 2 Automatic Spot Spray System

WeedSeeker 2 Automatic Spot Spray System

WeedSeeker 2® builds on more than 25 years of experience in the agriculture industry.

Trimble recently released its next generation WeedSeeker 2® spot spray system, which provides growers up to 90 percent savings in input costs when targeting and treating herbicide resistant weeds. The system has undergone a complete redesign and introduces a number of new improvements and features, whilst also maintaining the original product’s popular traits.

Jonathan Bent with national distributor, McIntosh Distribution, said testing in North America, Australia, and Argentina has shown strong results with the new technology. Further demonstrations are now underway in Australia.

“WeedSeeker 2® is showing a lot faster response down to a 2cm weed target at 20km/h,” Bent said, adding that the new WeedSeeker 2® sensors are 50 percent lighter and now spaced at 50cm intervals along the spray boom. “There are effectively 30 percent fewer sensors, adding up to a significant reduction in overall weight on booms, and they line up with most common sprayer nozzle spacings, allowing ease of plumbing.”

The 50cm spacing also provides for double the resolution of other systems on the market when targeting weeds. “Alternate systems have sensors spaced at every metre along booms, but if there is a significant stubble burden, the sensor light doesn’t get through the stubble easily to detect weeds,’’ Bent said. WeedSeeker 2® continues to use two light sources, both infrared and near-infrared, for the most accurate detection of all weeds linked to the chlorophyll present. “The dual frequency light band has proved to be important in dusty conditions and where the background can change.”

Bent said a new universal ISO interface suited to ISO platforms for operating WeedSeeker 2®, including rate control, steering and mapping, which shows where spraying has already been completed, is a big advantage. The new system also offers section control, weed mapping and turn compensation.

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Growers now have a game changing solution to herbicide resistant weeds.

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The WeedSeeker® 2 system brings generational improvement to the spot spraying market.



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