Where would you be without precision guidance?

Where would you be without precision guidance?

Trimble RTX guidance users are being given a stark choice: Upgrade your system settings or lose the critical satellite signal on 30 September this year.

Users of Trimble FieldPoint RTX, RangePoint RTX, ViewPoint RTX, CentrePoint RTX and xFill services are all affected.

Modern farming depends on precision guidance to maximise productivity and profits. Once you enter a paddock that needs spreading, seeding, spraying or harvesting, touching the steering wheel is almost an Instagram event.

But without precise correction data, your steering system will only get you within a metre of where you need to be, at best.

So Trimble is future-proofing its RTX correction data signal for the Australia-Pacific region by switching from the legacy RTXAP satellite beam to a newer RTXPA beam. The new beam will provide users with enhanced support for future technology improvements, including new satellite constellations and station upgrades.

However, the changeover can’t be done without users updating the signal settings in their systems.

Ramsey Bros Integrated Technologies Manager Mick Hadley says the changes are relatively simple to make.

“As long as your firmware is current, all you need to do is open a couple of screens and enter the new signal frequency and baud rate,” he says.

“You’re really just re-tuning your Trimble’s radio receiver to the new satellite signal.

“We recommend checking your firmware version before you start and upgrading that first if you need to.”

For the technologically minded, the details are:

(available now)
RTXPA1545.2725 MHz1200 bps30 Sept 2021
(ends 30/09/21)
RTXAP1539.8325 Mhz600 bps 

For the rest of us, step-by-step instructions sorted by display type and supported with screenshots are on the Trimble website. <https://positioningservices.trimble.com/resources/sat/>

Simply visit https://trimble.com/sat and scroll down to the large orange button marked Receiver instructions for beam changes (Australia/Pacific) to select your system and follow the PDF instructions

Trimble is providing an eight-week window where both satellite signals are available. That gives users until 30 September 2021 to update their settings.

Mick Hadley says not to wait that long.

“Get in and change your settings today,” he says.

“The worst thing a Trimble owner could do is wait until next time they need the system, then run into trouble making the changes.”



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