RAVEN Blackeye seed/fertiliser sensors

RAVEN Blackeye seed/fertiliser sensors


Ramsey Bros and RAVEN offer a Precision Seeding Monitoring System that gives you full insight into your seeding and fertilising operation with industry-leading Blackeye technology.

Key features include:

  • Support for up to 240 BlackEye seed/fertilizer sensors.
  • Customizable run time layout using the iPad interface.
  • Supportive of 1.25” (32mm) hose size with additional sizes coming.
  • Will produce seed count and row by distribution bar chart display using iPad.
  • Can be configured as a standalone system via iPad and/or ISOBUS system.
  • Dust compensated optical technology allows for minimal cleaning during a season.
  • Blackeye sensor has integrated status LED providing instant feedback for troubleshooting.
  • True section awareness, intelligent feedback when paired with Raven Rate Control Module.

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